Do we need to tell you that the kitchen is the most important room in the house?
Surely not.
You know it, you use it, you love it.

Should it be functional?
Of course, but with Baumatic you not only get appliances which are state of the art in technology and functionality, but you also get the cutting edge design which has made us famous in so many parts of the world.

If you’re reading this, then we assume you love to cook. So do we at Baumatic and that is why many years of research and development have gone into each Baumatic range cooker and built-in oven. This means that you can create the fl avours and signature dishes that reflect your creativity in the kitchen. Each function is designed to give you the most ideal cooking method to suit your recipe and to provide the best results.


Almost always the first step in the process of thought, of a decision or a choice. They are what triggers our initial interest and, eventually, what keeps our souls active and alive.
With Baumatic it is love at first sight. Because it stands out from the crowd: the balance of its design, the organization of space and lines, the unmissable details. You want it because you love it. You love it because it stimulates your emotions - and it will continue to do so every time you see it, every time you touch it and use it – Baumatic is you, an extension of your hands and of your inner self.


Emotions without rational thinking could be dangerous – with Baumatic you will notice immediately the excellent ratio between quality and price. You will not miss the inner build quality, the advanced technology, the numerous – and often unique – features that make our applian es outstanding working tools which will reliably deliver good results over the years.

Your rational thinking will not dim your emotions - to the contrary, it will feed them even more.

This is the unique combination of Baumatic.

The feeling of comfort

The feel of sharp and innovative design, the redefinition of space and the choice of materials do not need to be cold and abstract concepts.

The familiar perception of comfort must still be there - transmitted by the spirit of the Baumatic team.

Our compact structure is still of a size to care about what they do.

You can see it in our products’ imaginative shapes, in the attention to detail and the level of finish.

Get the Look ... Looking for a single electric built in oven, hob or dischwasher?
Our extensive range of built in ovens won't disappoint, with something for everyone's taste and budget. From sleek and stylish designs, to functional 70-litre capacity models, our single ovens are ideal for kitchens big or small. Perfect for home cooks of all abilities; our single ovens are a great choice for those looking to kit out their kitchen space. Enjoy total control over your cooked food, thanks to the many features your single oven provides. Bake delicious cakes or mouth-watering joints - both with fantastic results. Our built-in ovens can be fitted at eye level or be slotted under your work surfaces for added ease of use. We stock a wide range of Ovens, Hobs and Dischwashers at unbeatable prices.

But to be good-looking and efficient is not enough. The technology used must be afriendly one. It must not harm the environment and it must be safe to use. At Baumatic, no project will go forward unless it meets the very stringent criteria of safety for the users and their families and for the care of the environment. That is the reason why we use only certified non polluting materials, energy and water saving solutions and recyclable packaging.