customerBaumatic delivers functional beautiful appliances for the home. A pioneer in kitchen appliance design, Baumatic offers fashion first, providing new aesthetic concepts to help decorate and individualise any style of kitchen. Our Baumatic appliances are packed with the sort of useful features that you desire, to make life in the kitchen a little easier.

NL obr2The first contact is always through the eye and that is why the Baumatic product will always stand out from the crowd. Unmissable and stunning, it becomes immediately the star of the kitchen – is it not true that we spend so much of our time in this familiar and friendly room? To cook, to prepare, to eat, to sit down and chat? Our designers always choose the materials, the colours, the lines and spaces to fulfill this need. Love at first sight.

Behind that great facade of design and beauty is a world of technology that guarantees that the appliance in question will do what it is supposed to do. And do it very well. Always easy to use, easy to set, trustworthy and reliable. The renewed pleasure every time you use it is a typical Baumatic sensation.

Combining the talents of some of the most gifted product designers, here at Baumatic we have created an enviable collection of the most exciting and dynamic appliances available today. All our appliances are created to an extremely high specification, with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials. We embrace cutting-edge technology to ensure every appliance works to the best of its ability – maximising your leisure time and making light work of cooking and cleaning.

But to be good-looking and efficient is not enough. The technology used must be afriendly one. It must not harm the environment and it must be safe to use. At Baumatic, no project will go forward unless it meets the very stringent criteria of safety for the users and their families and for the care of the environment. That is the reason why we use only certified non polluting materials, energy and water saving solutions and recyclable packaging.