EasyAdjust Baskets
Our appliance designers have ensured that you can utilise the space inside your dishwasher as effectively as possible. This means that you can stack more in, and the system is flexible enough to suit the many types of dishes needing to be cleaned. One of our new features is to enable you to adjust the top basket within seconds with our new easy to adjust handle system. Simply lift the handles on each side to adjust the top basket up or down. A very convenient feature that will save you time.

Auto Sensor
Saving Time And Helping The Enviroment
Baumatic’s auto sensor program is designed to make the operation of our dishwashers even simpler. In order to save you time, the auto sensor program has been developed to select the best washing cycle for your dishes. By measuring the number of particles in the water and the volume of water, this program can make its selection according to how much cleaning your dishes actually require. To ensure that your dishes are perfectly clean each time, our Baumatic dishwasher then determines the ideal temperature and wash duration. It is also designed to ensure that only the necessary resources will be used. This means that, depending on how dirty your dishes are, up to 25% more water can be saved than with other wash programs. This is great news for our environment.

Anti-flooding and Anti-leakage
Baumatic minimise the risk of overfills and water leaks by equipping all our dishwashers with an anti-flood and leak water protection system inside.

Some Baumatic dishwashers have a half load option. This means that only items placed in the upper basket are washed. This allows you to wash smaller loads, without wasting the additional water and electricity that would be required to wash items in the upper and lower baskets. On average the savings are 15% less water and energy.


60 cm Fully Integrated Full Height Electronic Dishwasher

60 cm Fully Integrated Full Height Electronic Dishwasher
12 Place settings
5 programs: intensive/Eco/ Light/rapid/pre-rinse
Stainless steel Interior
Electroni c Control wi th LED di spl ay
Water consumption:13L/cycle (3640L per Annum)
Energy consumpti on: 0.92kwh (259kWh per Annum)
Noise level:46dB
Energy performance: A++
Washing performance: A
Drying performance: A
Unit dimension(mm): 596*560*820
Packing dimension(mm):642*637*875
Net weight:37kg
Gross weight:43kg

Standard accessories:
1x cup rack
1x Cutlery drawer
1x cutlery basket
1x salt funnel
1x draining hose hanger
1x inlet pipe